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45 things that made us say ‘holy sh*t!’ in 2023

How do you celebrate the end of another year? By looking back to see how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned? By looking forward at the road ahead and thinking about everything you want to accomplish? By reflecting on the fact it’s all meaningless and we’re really just microbes riding a wet grain of sand around a pinprick of light for a sliver of time in a cold and endless void?

Yeah, me neither! Instead I mark the end of the year by searching PC Gamer’s Slack channel for all the times we said « holy shit » over the past 365 days. Mostly we say « holy shit » about video games, sure, but we also say it about other things: the news, technology, celebrities, movie props, a toad, a bathtub full of urine, a weightlifter who has been dead for 2,500 years… that kinda stuff.

Here are 45 things that made the PC Gamer team say « holy shit » in 2023.

1. Banks

I kick things off with the first « holy shit » of the new year after an unwanted email from MyBankTracker (dot com) announces the winners of The Best of Banking Awards.

(Image credit: PC Gamer)

2. Recursion

Lauren says « holy shit that’s beautiful » to Andy’s headline « I can’t believe I’m saying this again but Skull and Bones is delayed again » over an image of his headline « I can’t believe I’m saying this but Skull and Bones is delayed again. » He took it one step further in October when Skull and Bones was delayed again, for the againth time. Will it happen again (again!) in February, again? I can’t wait to find out.

3. Powerwashing (Part 1)

Robin pointed out that PowerWash Simulator was releasing DLC where you could hose down Lara Croft’s filthy mansion. Sarah says « holy shit » and she’s right, because how cool is that?


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