AccueilrecettesI was so determined to get into Street Fighter 6 this year...

I was so determined to get into Street Fighter 6 this year I built my own hitbox (but I still didn’t get into Street Fighter)

See that beautiful fight stick? It’s not just a controller: it’s a symbol. A symbol of me running out of excuses to git gud (or at least crawl my way out of scrubhood) in Street Fighter 6. Earlier this year I was so excited for the new Street Fighter that I decided to build my own Hit Box, AKA an all-button arcade box without an actual « stick. » As with most fighting games I’m excited about, before release I vowed that this would be the one I committed to putting real time into. I’m the first and only fighting game amateur to ever tell himself this lie.

When Street Fighter 6 landed in June, I only had the project half-finished, so I figured I’d wait on diving in for a month or two, just until I could finish things up. Considering I finally hooked up all the wires and screwed the box together on December 19, it’s safe to say things didn’t go exactly as planned. But 2024? 2024 will be the year I definitely pour some real time into Street Fighter. 


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