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Starfield’s latest update doesn’t add any new content, but it does fix a galaxy-sized list of bugs

Starfield’s latest update is live, bringing with it the promised improvements to the photo mode as well as greater convenience while using the scanner and a handful of other quality of life changes. Nothing terribly remarkable in the grand schemes of things—but what is remarkable is that it also fixes a genuinely huge number of bugs and gameplay issues.

Fans have been clamoring for new Starfield content for months, and this unfortunately does not deliver on that front. Accordingly, the reception to both the update announcement and today’s launch have not been entirely positive: Bethesda promised in 2023 that Starfield would get big new features in 2024 including « survival mechanics » and « all new ways of travelling, » but so far there’s been no sign of either. There’s also still no indication as to when the Shattered Space expansion might arrive, and the promised modding tools are also still MIA.


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